Serving in California

Our Why

When choosing who to trust with your family member’s care, you are evaluating so many things. Do they serve my area? Do they accept my insurance? Do they know what they’re doing. But what about “why”?

An organization’s “Why” gives you a glimpse into more than just how they do things. It  is a purpose beyond day-to-day business operations and shows you who they are at the core. It is our underlying passion that drives our actions, decisions, and goals.

At Alora, we each have our individual “why” but we have a collective “why” as well.

  • We are passionate about impacting the lives of our fellow humans in a meaningful way.
  • We are driven to inspire hope and empower people around us.
  • We believe in being our authentic selves and encourage others to do the same.


You can learn more about our leadership team and their personal “Why” on our team page.


Client Centered

We are assent-based providers and clients are empowered to advocate for their preferences during sessions and we encourage them to lead the way. This builds valuable life skills, creates trust, and makes therapy fun!


Client teams are made up of more than our clinicians; they include parents, siblings, extended family, friends, teachers, therapists, and doctors. We strive to bring these voices into the conversation and work together toward shared treatment goals.

We Grow With You

As children grow into teenagers, and adolescents into adulthood, needs and challenges change. We are here to help during your current stage in life and help prepare for the next chapter.

Individual Sensitivity

Clients and families change and evolve. We believe in an intervention style that is flexible and adjusted to meet the variations faced. We place emphasis of being sensitive to cultural/language needs with a very strong emphasis on a “non-cookie cutter” approach. Individualized interventions are a priority.


Focused Intervention

Programs focus on the most challenging behavior excesses or deficits to help improve the lives of clients and those they interact with.

On-going Support

Our staff and directors are always available to and address questions and concerns. We are available 24/7 for support and to assist with processing a crisis situation.