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Providing behavior intervention services since 1983 We believe in integrity, fairness and respect for all people Kids grow up, we have also been servicing adults since 1983 We are sensitive to and meet the needs of diverse communities

Providing behavior intervention services since 1983
We believe in integrity, fairness and respect for all people
Kids grow up, we have also been servicing adults since 1983
We are sensitive to and meet the needs of diverse communities
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Why Choose Us?


Individual Sensitivity

Clients and families change and evolve. We believe in an intervention style that is flexible and adjusted to meet the variations faced. We place emphasis of being sensitive to cultural/language needs with a very strong emphasis on a “non-cookie cutter” approach. Individualized interventions are a priority.


Focused Intervention

Programs focus on the most challenging behavior excesses or deficits to help improve the lives of clients and those they interact with.

On-going Support

Our staff and directors are always available to and address questions and concerns. We are available 24/7 for support and to assist with processing a crisis situation.

Featured Services

In-Home ABA

Intervention services for children, adolescents, and adults diagnosed with autism and other developmental disabilities. Emphasis on building skills that foster independence and addressing challenging behaviors.

Campus Life

Supports individuals with autism or similar disabilities as they navigate a post-high school life.

School Based Intervention

For students and school districts in need of additional support from an outside provider. Includes in-service training, 1:1 classroom support, independent assessments, and consultation.

In-home Behavior Services

We work with clients and their families in the natural environment of the home or public settings, very rarely in our offices. In-home interventions allow us to work through situations and behavior as they happen in real settings rather than with simulated events. We can observe the natural reactions, interactions, motivators and triggers that can affect the individual and the intervention program. 

Our Service Stages

Give us a call, fill out our intake form, or talk to your case manager to get started. Our Intake Coordinators will gather some basic information from you and answer any questions to help you determine if HCA is the right fit for your family.
One of our qualified clinicians will conduct an assessment to identify where your child is today and develop a plan to help us get to where you want to be tomorrow. We will submit this information to your insurance company for approval of services.
Your child will be assigned a treatment team who will provide the 1:1 services, parent training, and supervision of the plan. We will periodically re-evaluate for progress and make updates to the treatment plan as necessary.
Some day your child will be ready to leave ABA services. This is determined by the team through evaluation of data and evidence of sustained progress. We will walk with you through this transition into your child’s next chapter.

Areas of Expertise


Potty training

Life skills

Social Skills

Unsafe behaviors

Community integration

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