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ABH Apprenticeship Programming

At Alora Behavioral Health, we’re dedicated to making a positive impact in our community and supporting our team’s professional growth. Our Apprentice Program offers comprehensive BCBA certification training, including supervision, clinical training, and mentorship, equipping participants with essential skills for their BCBA journey.

Apprenticeship Program Overview

Our fellow humans, fostering empowerment within our community, and celebrating our authentic selves. But our commitment doesn’t stop there; we are equally dedicated to empowering our team and investing in their professional development and career paths.

Our Apprentice Program is specifically tailored for individuals aspiring to achieve BCBA certification. It combines supervision and clinical training, offering an in-depth review of essential BCBA certification requirements, opportunities to accumulate necessary supervision hours, and access to BCBA mentorship.

Participants in the Apprenticeship Program gain access to a diverse range of training and development opportunities, encompassing both clinical and non-clinical skills essential for assuming the responsibilities that come with becoming a BCBA

What To Expect

ABH provides a carefully designed supervisory experience, backed by a team fully committed to your success. Our program is specifically tailored to assist you in reaching your goals and supporting your journey. Here’s what you can expect:

Year 1

In Year 1, apprentices focus on learning clinical

Year 2

In Year 2, apprentices advance their clinical supervision skills with a focus on demonstrating therapy implementation competency. This involves:

They complete a 2–4-month clinical rotation to gain diverse supervision experience.

Weekly observations and feedback on ABA service implementation with patients are provided.

Weekly Clinical Competencies Assessments with feedback from Clinical BCBAs are part of the process.

Additionally, they receive monthly performance feedback from the Responsible BCBA, with reinforcement for meeting or exceeding expectations and coaching in areas needing improvement.

Gaining targeted experience with Clinical Supervisors.

Assisting Clinical BCBAs in overseeing clients.

Collaborating with Clinical BCBAs in creating client assessments and treatment plans.

Playing a role in ensuring positive client outcomes and family guidance meetings.

Actively participating in scheduled Individual Supervision and Monthly Staff Training and Group Supervision Meetings.

At Alora, We’re Driven By Our “Why

Join our collective passion and mission to empower families, create change, and ignite hope – together. Join us at Alora to uncover your own “why” and contribute to making a meaningful impact in the lives of individuals diagnosed with Autism and other Developmental Disabilities. If you’re eager to embark on this journey and explore our Apprentice Program, please click the button below to take the next step”

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